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Semper Fidelis by James Rosenfield

ISBN #1-60513-019-2
JAC #2008-00


SECRET SERVICE OFFICER: Andrew, a cross between a spy and a court chamberlain
REVEREND HAROLD GODWIN: 50s, Adam’s father, a narrow, loving man trying his best
ANNE GODWIN: 50, Adam’s mother, so involved with others’ needs she ignores her own
JENNY MORAN: 20s, Adam’s fiancée, who experiences all the emotions of one who has loved and lost
24, Adam’s lover, a time bomb of anguish, guilt, and rage, destined to explode

Plot Summary

Following his memorial service and awaiting the Presidential Cavalcade, the survivors of hero Lieutenant Adam Godwin gather at his parents’ home to confront their loss and each other. All will lose and gain more than they could ever imagine.

The Setting

The Godwin’s living room, simple middle class.

James RosenfieldPlaywright Biography

James Rosenfield began his writing career during the early 60s.  Since 1969, he has had over 20 plays produced, in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, and Utah. Collectively, they have won 22 prizes.  FirstStage has produced much of his work since 1991. One of the staged readings, “Michelangelo and Tommaso,” is now out in paperback.  As of 2006, he has published three books: The Lion and the Lily - Dodd, Mead & Company (1972); Hiking Through the Mysterious and the Magickal (2005); Michelangelo and Tommaso (2005).

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Semper Fidelis

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